So I got this weird email today.

Let me explain.

On Saturday night, whilst waiting for them to let us to our seats at the Garafalo show, Kitty and I were accosted. This girl comes up to us and says “I overheard you guys talking about improv and actors…are you actors or something?”

Kitty very intelligently deflects this woman onto ME by saying “I’m an actor in a film HE is directing.” Thanks Kitty. You’re a pal.

So this girl proceeds to explain to us how she’s somehow involved in theatre (she went to school for tech or something), and that she lives in some podunk town, etc, and she’s totally angling me for a job, basically.

The best part is when something comes up about how old we are…Kitty says “I’m 25” and the girl says “Wow! You don’t look that old!” That was funny. Especially when I told her that I was 27.

So she then introduces us to her boyfriend, who apparently works for the Daily Herald…he reminds me of Comic Book Guy. She asks us for our email addresses, and we go our separate ways.

So she emails me today…such a bizarre email. It was written really strangely, and damn, does she need to work on her grammar (she made a comment about how I had “already casted the film.” She wanted an address to send her “package” to, in case I needed her.

I’m a little leery of giving her my address. Maybe it’s time for Gravy Train to get a P.O. box.



~ by Matt Stratton on March 28, 2002.

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