I’m on the bandwagon

Because Doug is right, and I’m an ego-centric bastard…

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition

User Number: 88616
Date Created:4/1/2001
Number of Posts: 208

Mugsy Malone is one wild and crazy guy. That doesn’t mean he’s Czech. It means that Steve Martin once sent him a crytic message via carrier pigeon. Don’t believe it? You’re welcome to take your non-belief, fold it until it’s all corners, and shove it.
Strengths: Knows how to make many cocktails. Has consumed even more.
Weaknesses: Redheads. They ain’t nuttin’ but trouble.
Special Skills: Bionic fashion sense.
Weapons: The Cloak of Insincere Compliments.
Enemies: Shanabanana and her Rack of Doom

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~ by Matt Stratton on August 25, 2002.

2 Responses to “I’m on the bandwagon”

  1. Just you wait, Mugsy Malone. We’re building an army of redheads, hellbent on nothing but YOUR DESTRUCTION! Better enjoy those cocktails while you can–you never know when it might be your LAST! *evil laughter*
    Yes, I’ve been watching my Buffy DVDs while cleaning. Why do you ask?

  2. Must resist the red… must resist… resist red… must…

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