I finally found a place to order Frezno Smooth from.

It’s this so-bad-it’s-good motocross movie. Basically, all the actors in it are motocross racers, pornstars, or rappers…

“Starring: Seth Enslow, Ice-T, Jeff Emig, Mike Metzger, Ron Jeremy, Mike Ness, Tony Hawk, Lemmy, Christian Fletcher, Tony Alva, Tori Welles, Willy Santos, Rob Machado, Bubba Buddy Antunez, Kaycee Glasow, Tony Little, Carey Hart, Don Szabo, Jimmy Button, Harold Hunter, Sara Becker, Mike Cinqmars, Jerry Bernardo, The Wee Man, and featuring Luis Ivy as Loc-Dog

“When a corrupt judge wrongfully bans motocross legend Seth Winslow form entering an upcoming freestyle contest, Frezno explodes into a chaotic spree of riots, parties and white trash insanity.

“Never before has a single flick showcased as many professional motocross, skate, surf, metal, porn and rap stars. Equally praised and shunned for its random humor and controversial scenes, Frezno Smooth has earned a prime spot in cult movie history.”


~ by Matt Stratton on August 26, 2002.

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