I haven’t been updating a whole lot lately…and I think that’s because my life has been pretty boring.

Today I did some testing/development for the update to the discussion software for Windyhop. Actually got a lot done. That was good.

I put an Airport card in my imac…so now, once the WH server is shipped off, my whole network will be wireless. And I can move my cable modem and router into the frontroom so I can finally (six months after purchase) use my Audiotron. I hope that I’ll be able to make it work with OS X and Samba. Because I like having my Mac as my MP3 repository. What with the whole iPod thing and all.

(Addition – looks like it does.)

Whoa. It’s six already. I’m s’posed to meet up for C’s berfday dinner at 8…and I haven’t showered or dressed yet. I should get on that trolley.


~ by Matt Stratton on August 28, 2002.

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