Why are naked breasts hidden?

Does anyone know where the cultural taboo on showing women’s breasts (especially nipples) comes from?



~ by Matt Stratton on October 29, 2002.

One Response to “Why are naked breasts hidden?”

  1. The whole “covering the nipple” thing I believe is part of a legal definition of “nude breast”

    Anyhow, here is an extrememly informative article on Western Nudity taboos:

    Confronting the public nudity taboo

    “Americans insist that even nursing mothers conceal their breasts from public view, though in most parts of the world this prohibition is considered strange. Americans are convinced that breasts are inherently and blatantly erotic in spite of the fact that many native peoples find this fetish highly amusing. We do not insist that women cover their chests because breasts are so alluring; breast are so alluring because we insist that women cover their chests. Concealing any part of the body may render it more erogenous. Young women of the Nuer tribe in east Africa generally wear no clothing, but when they do an erotic dance designed to arouse prospective suitors sexually, they don short leather skirts.”

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