New phone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I’m gonna do it now. But I’m gonna break it up into posts central to a topic, for easy of classification.

So I upgraded my cell phone yesterday.

I used to be on the AT&T One Rate plan with a Motorola v60. But it had been getting crappy reception in the new place, plus I’d had the phone for a year. Which is a long time for me to have a mobile phone. Plus it was getting beat up.

So I switched over to the Sony Ericsson T68i with AT&T’s GSM service. The new plan basically cuts my bill in half – my coverage isn’t as good (my phone won’t work at all in any areas not covered by AT&T’s GSM, but pretty much everywhere I go is covered; NYC, Vegas, Atlanta), but I get WAP access now.

I can assign specific ringtones to callers (something I missed with the Moto phone), as well as a picture to come up when they call. But the coolest thing is the “Find Friends” feature – basically, I can punch in the phone number of someone else on the AT&T GSM network, and (provided they have “authorized” me to do this), my phone will tell me WHERE THEY ARE.

And THEN…I can set up a “meeting” with that person at a location either near them, near me, or in between. I can browse from a list of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Sherman and I used it yesterday to arrange a lunch meeting with each other at Popeye’s.



~ by Matt Stratton on November 27, 2002.

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