I feel good about myself.

I just contributed to NPR.

And no, I didn’t just do it for the “This American Life” CD.



~ by Matt Stratton on April 30, 2003.

7 Responses to “Re:”

  1. How cool, I enjoy liestening to Ira Glass and “This American Life”…I was thinking of donating too…but I am a bit cash strapped right now…

    I was listening this morning, and they were playing snippets from their “Golden Apple” show…Funny, and how many nights have we ended up there after events…? That show is always funny, always thought provoking, and always a learning experience…

  2. I was listening this morning too when they were playing that…it’s what inspired me to finally call.

    You know you can actually pay monthly for your contribution? That was cool – so I could pledge the $120, but it’s only ten bucks a month. Makes it a lot easier than a lump sum.


  3. Hooray for Guilt Week! I mean, pledge drives. I’ve been a contributor for years, and they still make me feel guilty!

  4. Is there a new cd?
    I’m going to a live taping this Saturday night (as my graduation gift to myself).

  5. I don’t know if it is new…they just said it was a CD that had the “24 Hours at the Golden Apple” show and the “Squirrel Cop” story on it.

  6. then it’s a new cd!
    I loVE squirrel cop!
    when they did the pledge drive here, they were offering a ltd edition Golden Apple & Squirrel Cop paint by numbers set. This is the first I’ve heard of the cd…

  7. Yup. They were giving away the paint by numbers set too.


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