New google.toolbar

Thanks to Chris Pirillo for pointing out that the new Google Toolbar is available.

This thing roxxors. Popup blocking. About damn time. Since I can’t use Safari on my PC, I’ll have to settle for using the Googlebar.

Which is the coolest thing ever, regardless. They just made it a ton better.



~ by Matt Stratton on June 27, 2003.

One Response to “New google.toolbar”

  1. If you are into google toolbars, check this one out: It is a google search on your taskbar by default, a calculator, if you punch in your zip code + * it gives you the weather… yp name of store is yahoo yellow pages… It has a zillion searches on it with pretty easy to remember syntax, and a context menu if you don’t remember the syntax. I find new stuff with it all the time. (yesterday I typed “whois” and it did a whois for me.) today I randomly typed in “Run + command” and it did what the “Start | run” line usually does. Can you tell I like this thing? Also, if you search msft’s knowledge base a lot there is a shortcut for it as well: “msk” query here.

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