Campout pictures…

Jay just sent me the campout pictures…

Here’s what I think of the camera

My new tent

The whole group,sansJenkins – Hay, me, Schultz, Jay, and Clint

Making breakfast

On a horse for the first time in my life

The whole gang

Dutch Over Master Chef Schultz prepares his famous “Swiss Chicken”

Man, we’re getting old…


~ by Matt Stratton on October 22, 2003.

7 Responses to “Campout pictures…”

  1. Those pics are great! Where are all the women?

    I just signed up for Netflix and the very movie to arrive was The Blair Witch Project. I was too scared to watch it when it first came out. I watched it last night.

    And now………I can never….go camping……..ever again.

  2. I described this campout in a previous entry; it’s the annual trip for a group of my buddies and I. No girls allowed 🙂

  3. what was your pony’s name?

  4. “Guy”

    Trust me, there were many jokes made about me mounting Guy.

    Okay, well, just one joke. But made 100 times…

  5. What fun! Great pictures! I can almost smell the campfire… Did y’all make s’mores?

  6. hmmmm…

    your tent is Chicago Bulls colors. Did you do that on purpose? What about the Cubbies?

  7. looks gorgeous out there. where did you guys go exactly?

    loved those male bonding trips. no showers, crude jokes, booze, man food … man, i miss them days.

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