Since all the other ones I knew have been answered…

Because I’m not creative, I’m taking ‘s idea that she stole from , wherein I shall post lyrics, and you shall guess the song they come from.

1. How do the angels get to sleep when the Devil leaves his porchlight on?

2. And I was pretending that I was in a Galaxie 500 video

3. She said, “You’re only 16, you don’t have a rep yet.”

4. I would play ghetto games, name my kids ghetto names, Little Mookie, big Al, Lorraine

5. When you did the things you said were up to me and then accused me of trying to fuck it up

6. Smelling like a brewery, looking like a tramp, ain’t got a quarter, got a postage stamp

7. And the gangsters, cowboys, gypsies, and freewheelers sold out their trades to become drug dealers

8. I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

9. She’s had a sugar daddy and a candy apple Caddy and a bank account and everything, accustomed to the finer things

10. Hipsters unite, come align for the big fight to rock for you


~ by Matt Stratton on October 22, 2003.

6 Responses to “Since all the other ones I knew have been answered…”

  1. 4. “i wish” by skee-lo

    i almost posted that one *heehee*

  2. 6. Tom Waits, Pasties and a G-string

  3. 3. “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by Will Smith

  4. 8.) Johnny Cash – “Folsom Prison Blues”

  5. 2. Liz Phair – Stratford on Guy
    5. also Liz Phair – Divorce Song
    8. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues

  6. Google makes this really easy. I could answer them all right now, but I didn’t honestly know them. So I won’t.

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