Not sure about Carrie these days.

She doesn’t like Family Guy.

She doesn’t like indie movies.

She doesn’t like “things that are meant for kids that they make for adults” (i.e. Greg the Bunny or pretty much any adult animation).

She’s too nice.

A friend of mine phrased it well – she said “you need a sweet and sour girl”. She’s right.

Carrie’s just too sweet.


~ by Matt Stratton on November 29, 2003.

23 Responses to “hmph”

  1. DUMP HER!

    You need a bitch who likes indie movies.

  2. Yeah, but I’ve already got Backstreet…

  3. Try a redhead or a goth girl. You need someone just a bit more cool and sarcastic than this vanilla chick.

    I despise a dull man. It is like trying to eat vaseline. Slimy and tasteless and difficult. If it is new and you are unsure, cut and run.

  4. Yeah, but I’ve heard that redheads are nothing but T-R-U-B-I-L.


  5. Redhead’s arn’t trouble so long as we get everything we want exactly when we want it. Just thing of us as toddlers with racks.

    But about the girl, I think it is kinda cool that she is confident enough early in the relationship to say she doesn’t like something rather than blow smoke up your ass and pretend she does love whatever you love like most women would. “Gee honey, I love paintball, and would much rather you go play paintball than go out to brunch with my folks while they are in town! In fact I will blow them off so I can be home waiting to give you a blow job when you are done! Would you like me to cook me to cook you a roast while I’m at it???” Gotta give her props for that.

  6. is she completely closed-minded to finding out why these things are appealing to you or is it just that she’s never gotten into them herself? i was just curious because the guy i’m seeing now and i have pretty opposite musical tastes (me = rock chick, him = electro boy), but because we’re both open-minded enough about other music, it’s been really cool discovering new stuff.

  7. Yeah, I don’t think I explained it that well.

    It is not so much that she doesn’t like those things…but why.

    She’s lacking in the dry wit. Or the “mean” sense of humor.

    She doesn’t like movies that don’t have happy endings. Let’s put it that way.

  8. Hi Mugy’s Cranium!
    How could someone NOT like Family Guy????
    I guess she wouldn’t like Ren & Stimpy or Beavis & Butthead either. Star-crossed senses of humor. I think these are vital traits to hash out early on.

  9. Wasn’t this “lust girl” from the 7 deadly sins party? That just sounds so odd.

  10. Yup. That’s her. You met her at WCLX.

    As you may recall, she wasn’t too amused by Mr. Show either.

  11. so, uhhh… nice girls always lose too, huh? *smirk*

  12. Another redhead commenting; (Just how many of us do you know?)
    Matty, “sweet and sour” was a great way of putting it… or is it “hot and sour” like the soup? Either way if these things aren’t her, can she at least “get it” and ‘appreciate it”? Cause Matt- ammm… that a big part of where you’re at hun. In my experience its usually a good thing when your “partner in crime” gets you. But then again what do I know? I’m single.

    Girlfriend or not, I miss you and WANT MY HUGS!
    (Yes, I am a demanding bitch that way.)

  13. hey!

  14. Yep, agreed about those redhead traits. About Carrie, that’s tough because if you don’t “get” dry wit, you don’t “get” Mugsy. That is what you are all about hon. I guess you have to get out the old balance scale and decide if things tip the scales to the “stay” side or to the “go” side.

  15. Yeah, my friend told me that I should make a “pro” and “con” list; apparently it is how her mom decided everything.

  16. Well, upon further discussion, it was discovered that she found some of Family Guy funny. It was just too much (and by “too much” I refer to about five episodes in a row).

    I don’t expect her to ever understand my appreciation of Aqua Teen Hunger Force though.

  17. Naw, you can be nice…just so long as there’s a little mean streak in there 🙂

  18. It is like trying to eat vaseline…

    Sweetheart, you’ve been dieting way too long if you’ve gotten to the point where you’re eating Vaseline…

  19. Yea, I usually think of it as reasons to stay vs reasons to leave. But same thing. Its not like everyone decides matters of the heart on paper, but for those times when it is notclear, this can shed light on which pull is stronger.

  20. It is scary when it starts tasting better than what you have planned for dinner. One can eat only so much tofu.

  21. Hark! Have we found the elusive deal breaker?

    Oh, wait, Matt doesn’t have deal breakers…. 😉

  22. No, we’ve always known my deal-breaker…

    Let me know you like me. Bam. To the curb with you then!

  23. You speak the truth.

    So now you have two deal breakers:
    1. She likes you
    2. She doesn’t like Greg The Bunny

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