Couple things about chicks and stuff

Some random questions and thoughts of the day, inspired by various conversations.

Firstly, if a someone referred to their girlfriend/wife as “high maintenance”, what would that mean to you? I will tell you my answer after I see yours.

Also, what would you think of me if I told you there was a girl that I thought was really smart and funny, and pretty cute, but she just didn’t have big enough breasts for me, so I couldn’t see dating her?


~ by Matt Stratton on December 22, 2003.

33 Responses to “Couple things about chicks and stuff”

  1. high maintenance = more trouble than someone is worth

    re: boobs – seems a bit shallow, but at least you know what you want. *smirk*

  2. “high maintenance” to me means that they need fairly constant attention, compliments, effort. Someone that always needs, literally needs, that constant affirmation from their ‘other.’

    >Also, what would you think of me if I told you there was a girl that I thought was really smart and funny, and pretty cute, but she just didn’t have big enough breasts for me, so I couldn’t see dating her?

    I’d think I’d have to smack you, seeing as that describes me to a ‘T’, and really reduces my hopes of finding someone, if that thought is really prevalent in men.

  3. Re: high maintenance
    That usually means the girl is either demanding, hard to please, and needs a lot of attention, or that she is very concerned with her appearance and can’t step out in just jeans and a t-shirt and spends hours primping.

  4. what she said.

    as for the other question, i really resent you talking about me online like this πŸ˜‰

  5. let me ask one right back: does it matter to you if they’re real or fake?

    I agree with the high maintenance meaning needs constant reassurance. I would also add that that person expects a lot (money, gifts, attention, consideration). Especially the high dollar bit. I think of it as a high priced hooker without the hooker.

  6. To me “high maintenance” means that the person is demanding to the point where it begins to deteriorate the relationship between them and their partner. It violates their partner’s sense of autonomy. I do *not* think that it is an appropriate term when the girlfriend/wife just expects their connection to be high priority. There is a large middle ground, but I hear that term used a lot when a guy just wants an excuse to be selfish.

    As for the breasts question: if you scratch someone off the list solely for not having big enough breasts and at the same time think that the concept of “deal breakers” is silly, you are delusional.

  7. High maintenance. Couple of meanings there, as is obvious. I’ve used many of them at different times for different people. The major ones as I see it:

    Emotionally, meaning she needs to constantly be reassured and revalidated through words or actions. I see that as probably the least annoying depending on how much the other person enjoys providing that type of thing.

    Physically, meaning she has expensive taste in clothing and appearance. She will take ten hours getting up in the morning. She will constantly be touching herself up in some way. You will never see what she actually looks like.

    Socially, meaning she is an organizational mess. She will constantly be the source of frustration in any group activity. Never offer to ride anywhere with her, regardless of who’s driving, because you won’t get there on time and it will somehow be your fault.

  8. The boobs thing was to prove a point. I wanted to see what the reaction would be. I would never make my decision about dating a woman solely on the size of her rack.

    Now, the *quality* of her gazongas…that’s another story.

  9. I don’t know if it is prevelent in men; personally, it’s not a big factor for me. I was mostly curious as to what the reaction would be. There’ve been a lot of conversations I’ve had recently with girls, who talk about how a guy is really great and all, but is overweight, or not ripped, or whatever, so they are not interested. And the general reaction is “You go, girl! Don’t settle!”

    I figured that if a guy said something like that, he’d be referred to as a pig. I was mostly right. πŸ™‚

  10. Honey, you know I’d make an exception for you seven days a week and twice on Sunday.

  11. Actually, if it is a good job, I don’t mind fake ones. As long as she liked ’em. Seriously.

    I wouldn’t make my dating decision based upon breasts. I just like them to be there. Which is why I don’t date men.

  12. I am not scratching anyone off of my list for that reason. And since you’ve seen C_____ in real life, you know that it’s obviously not an issue there πŸ™‚

    I was more trying to see what the reaction would be to such a statement.

  13. Well, you asked what I would think of you if you told me that. That’s what I would think of you. πŸ™‚

    If a hypothetical someone told me that, I would probably just think he’s shallow.

    But since you phrased it to be a what-if about *you* and we’ve specifically talked about deal breakers, the diagnosis would definitely be ‘delusional.’ Just because I like saying that word. πŸ˜‰

  14. Man, chicks who are argumentative get me so fucking hot!

  15. It’s always be the personality that drives me to find the man attractive. Not there physical body.

  16. I should have used my snarky icon for this thread

  17. Statements like that tell me that there’s hope for me yet. Ha!

  18. You have a snarky icon?

    That’s it. Do me. Now.

  19. Ah well, Hopefully hope for the both of us.
    (ack I misused there/their, bad jen, bad jen)

  20. No biscuit!

  21. I usually use that term more to indicate a unique combination of a girl who spends a lot of money making her physical appearance as trixie as possible and has a demanding personality–She has to have it now–She wants it her way–She will take your head off if she doesn’t get it. She may look like a goddess, but in order to keep her happy you will be spending a lot of time and money running after her doing everything she wants. It almost always ends up that these gals are terribly fake, and doing this as some kind of defense mechanism.

  22. I think the connotation of “High Maintenance” is negative. But this isn’t an entirely bad thing. One can desire a lot of attention, money, etc., but as long as they make the other perosn feel complete, whats the harm?

    With that said, If someone were to say that to me, first impression would be a negative one, or sarcastic.

    Boobs. You said Boobs. Heheh.

    Personally, any gal with boobs, major league yaboos or goosebumps, the main fact I get to come within 2 feet of them is an honor, so it was never a factor in if I dated them or not. Course, if you’re locked into the physical, then, yeah I could see that being an issue.

    But I know you’re not that shallow. She obviously needs to pay for your rent, too.

  23. what i found interesting about the high-maint question, as i asked various friends, was that women mainly defined it as an appearance thing, or a materialism thing. they were more likely to define it as a girl who has to look perfect all the time and wants a lot of expensive gifts. men, however, were more likely to say something along the lines of “constantly needing reassurance”…also things like wanting attention all the time and needing to hear that she’s pretty and wonderful like once every hour. very interesting indeed.

  24. I think of high-maintenance being that she takes a lot of care of herself (makeup, workouts, high-heals), but also that she’s the type who at a restaurant is “I want the chef salad, but no eggs in it and the dressing on the side. And I want a diet Coke with no ice. If you don’t have Coke, I want only water, but it has to be bottled water but not served in the bottle.”

    The breast thing? I was glad to see you responding to comments that you don’t feel that way because, dude, otherwise you just deserve to be alone the rest of your life pining away for Pamela Lee.

  25. wow, that sounds like it’s all describing one person… πŸ™‚

  26. I still don’t understand what you were trying to find out here. Are you saying that

    breast size : women :: weight : men ?

    I think that’s a flawed comparison, if so.

    (Just trying to be argumentative. It’s what I do best.)

  27. “High Maintenance” to me means she is the type of chick who can’t leave the house w/o makeup. Who’s appearance is high priority. She wouldn’t go camping. She also knows what she wants and how she wants it, a la Sally from “When Harry Met Sally.”

    As for the big breast thing, if you don’t find someone attractive, then you don’t find them attractive. It’s shallow to pick people apart by their features, but most of us are guilty of that. One girl friend of mine doesn’t find men with messed up teeth attractive. (Like crooked, no one wants to kiss someone who neglects dental hygiene.) If you can’t see yourself kissing that person, why bother? For me, a person’s personality can overcome what I find unattractive. I like tall guys but I have dated shorter guys with great personalities. Some tall guys just don’t do it for me because they are lacking on the personalitiy department.

    I have trouble imagining you as being the guy who says, “Great chick, too bad she has a tiny rack.”

  28. Never fear. I’m not that guy.

    I was just trying to prove a point. That’s all πŸ™‚

  29. It’s not necessarily a weight thing…having a “rockin’ bod” for a guy doesn’t necessarily mean not being fat.

    I can see the flaw though; there are things a guy can do to get said “rockin’ bod”, whereas a chick is pretty much stuck with the bazooms that nature gave her.

    Although some of the “rockin’ bod” is genetic.

  30. *checks watch*

    It’s almost 12:00. Time to tell Erika that she’s pretty and wonderful. Again. Sheesh.

  31. No comment on the breast size thing? Hehehe.

  32. Not much to say there hon. Guys like what they like. There are as many that like small ones as guys who like the ones in my department.

  33. Well like I said in other comments…that’s not me. I was just seeing what the reaction would be.

    I’ve also been interested to see who answers which question, is all πŸ™‚

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