some random updatage

What’s been going on this week?

Monday I went to see The Cooler with Partytom. Excellent fucking movie.

Tuesday Carrie and I went out to dinner at Le Creperie, which was pretty tasty. She gave me some “Winter Solstice” gifts (a nice Fossil watch, a CD, a Cubs book, and a little notebook to use as a wine journal). Then we headed to Partytom and ‘s house for drinkage and hot tubbing. I played some poker there and won $20.

Wednesday I worked for a bit, and then later on headed to Lippy’s house for coffee and Christmas movie action. It was chill; just myself, Lippy, Kevin, and

Thursday I chilled at home most of the day, and then went to see Big Fish with Backstreet and . Wow. Two fucking great movies in one week. Life is good.

Today I am watching TV and will go into work for a bit later to change tapes.

Oh! Don’t forget to visit Filmtease to check out the hot crossover action with Dallas and myself as guest reviewers.

Evanescence – “Going Under


~ by Matt Stratton on December 26, 2003.

3 Responses to “some random updatage”

  1. whoa! how did you do that itunes plugin?

  2. Check out the latest version of xJournal.

  3. “Big Fish” is next on my “must see” list. it looks amazing.

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