Just read this on one of the LJ update feeds (frankly, I don’t remember which one). I think it sounds neat.

One of our big goals for February is to split up the overloaded concept of “friends”, turning it into separate categories relating to who you read on your friends page, who you trust to read your entries, who you know in real life, etc.


~ by Matt Stratton on January 29, 2004.

3 Responses to “cool”

  1. That is music to my ears. There are a lot of people whose journals I’d like to watch, but don’t want to give them access to my thoughts. Because then they’d never speak to me again.

    Go LJ! Which reminds me. Need to buy another year.

  2. I can’t believe you said that! I’m never speaking to you again!! 😉

  3. Nice picture 🙂

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