So Ferret Girl was at the Beeyachski show last week. We’re back to emailing again. Which is funny. She knows about Carrie, and even met her at the show. Now she wants to do something this weekend 🙂

Where was this girl when I was single?


~ by Matt Stratton on January 30, 2004.

9 Responses to “weirdness”

  1. When it rains it pours. I have like, three guys chasing me and NONE OF THEM are my boyfriend.

  2. You must be giving off that “I’m taken and unavailable” vibe that women find so appealing. I find that when men are getting sex regularly they lose that desperate energy and get some confidence…another thing women love. Not that I even know about your sex life…just speaking in general.

  3. Yeah, but can that be communicated virtually?

    Or more so, can it be communicated without actually communicating?

  4. I am *not* chasing you!

  5. I am NOT a guy!

  6. Either that, or those are the most ginormous man-boobs I’ve ever seen.

  7. It’s as obvious as a neon sign.

  8. You’re chasing me? Sweet!

  9. I believe it is more of a SCENT. The scent of the taken man. Yeah, that’s it. They should bottle it and sell it.

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