iTunes 4.5 for Mac is out…but not in software update for some reason…

So I just read that you can download iTunes 4.5 now for the Mac. Actually, maybe they have it for Windows too. I’m not sure.

Here’s what appears to be the new features in 4.5 (I assume it’ll show up in Software Update in the next day or two):

* Some free music downloads from the iTMS

* iMix – I guess this lets you upload your mix cd’s track listings to iTMS so other folks can check ’em out.

* Music Video section on iTMS revamped

* Radio Charts on iTMS – pretty neat…I don’t know what they use to calculate this, but you can browse to your favorite ClearChannel Whorehouse radio station and see/buy tunes that they play

* “Party Shuffle” – I guess this is just a one-click approach to dynamic playlists…I’m not sure what the difference is between using Party Shuffle and just putting the whole playlist on “shuffle”….but anything with the word “party” in it must be fun, right?

* Jewel case/insert printing for burned CD’s

* Lossless encoding – for all of you FLAC lovers

* WMA importing


~ by Matt Stratton on April 28, 2004.

3 Responses to “iTunes 4.5 for Mac is out…but not in software update for some reason…”

  1. since few techie people read my journal, perhaps Mugsy you can help me out.

    I’m looking to get an iPod for someone soon and was wondering which one to get. I couldn’t see what the big diffrence was between generation3 and 2.

    Otherwise, I’m just waiting for them to come in stock (mini) or a decent 10% off deal from Dell Accessories or someplace.

    Except for the possible problem with sound on the mini, it looks like that’s the one I will get. I won’t be storing much music on it, but I do know someone for whom 1000 songs is a plenty.

  2. It’s all outlined here, but here’s the dirty details:

    The 1G and 2G iPod (I have a 1G) had the Firewire connector on the top, and no dock connector. The 1G had a moving wheel, but the 2G is solid-state. The 2G had a protective cover over the Firewire port and is slightly thinner than the 1G. They both have the control buttons arranged in a circle around the wheel button.

    The 3G is substantially thinner than the 1G and 2G, and has the dock connector on the bottom. The 3G is PC-compatible right “out of the box”, while with the first two generations you have to do a bit of hacking. I think that the 3G has the ability to connect via USB as well as Firewire, but the first two gens can only do Firewire.

  3. Thanks! Roberta can get an educational discount and will probably be getting an iPod in her school mailbox next week. Oh by the way, Roberta if you are reading this. Surprise!

    btw, you can now add Roberta to the list of hot chicks whom you help with technical stuff.

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