hot camping action

OK so I am still tired so I might not be so much with the loquacious posting action here.

But this was a fun weekend of “camping”. I was really pissed when we showed up at the site and it was RV park from hell, with all three of our campsites only slightly larger than twice the size of my little Lakeview backyard. I was all set to go storming to the ranger station and demand our money back, but luckily and Backstreet calmed me down (mostly by Backstreet laughing at how ridiculous I was acting), and it was okay. Even after we finished setting up Lou and Julee’s palatial camping estate and then found out it was on the wrong site, and we had to move it. Man, I just wanted to throw my hammer through that guy’s RV, even though it really wasn’t his fault.

I discovered I am allergic to Indiana. I haven’t had allergy problems at all this year, but almost literally as soon as we got into Indiana, I got all stuff and remained that way for the rest of the weekend until I got home today.

Canoeing was fun and filled with a little excitement. Saturday night and Loupy (aka “Jo Jo”) had a cook-off contest with these things – we called it “Pie Iron Chef”. It was pretty hilarious – the “theme ingredient” was bacon, and they each came up with at least 2 or 3 dishes using it, cooked in the pie irons. Loupy even fried a twinkie in bacon grease in one, and it was pretty good! ‘s concoction using bacon and chocolate pudding was a little dubious, but his French toast with bacon, apples, and cashews was the deciding factor that won him the coveted title of Pie Iron Chef.

Left camp at 8 am this morning and was home a little after 11. I’ve spent the rest of the day mostly sleeping and watching some TV.

And next weekend I’m going camping…again. Yowsa!

P.S. – I wanna see pictures!

VerbowCloser to Free

~ by Matt Stratton on September 26, 2004.

2 Responses to “hot camping action”

  1. There’s camping in Indiana? 😉 Glad you got some outdoor/wildlife goodness finally!

  2. Hey Mugsy,

    NYE tickets are available. They are general seating, so you can buy yours separately from ours. There are only 1100 tickets per show, $100 each (plus $8 ticketmaste fee).

    hope you can join us,


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