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So I’ve been using Gmail as my exclusive email account for a week or so now.

Here are my thoughts:

1) It misbehaves a little in Firefox. Every now and again, I get a message I just can’t open in FF, but if I load up IE, I can view the conversation. This seems to happen mostly on conversations with a bunch of messages, but not always. Truthfully, I haven’t figured out the rhyme or reason to it.

2) I keep forgetting that Gmail displays ads based upon the content of the message you are reading – and by that, I mean I just don’t notice them. I keep trying to remind myself to look for them, just because I’m curious as to what ads target my email messages. But I don’t notice them at all. This means a) they are non-intrusive, and b) they don’t work very well at all.

3) Contact management still isn’t super great. But it’s accomplished what I want – people I need to email are in my address book, and actually, the only time I open the contacts list is when I am sending a message to lots of people. Normally the auto-complete feature works well.

4) Keyboard shortcuts are teh awesome and I need to remember to use them more often.

~ by Matt Stratton on November 17, 2004.

13 Responses to “g to mail”

  1. Question: does Gmail have the ability to get POP mail? (I suppose I could just look it up myself, but I’d rather ask you.) I’m sick of using my craptastic webmail client while I’m at work.

  2. You can’t actually POP other accounts to Gmail at this time (although you can POP gmail somewhere else, but that’s not what you want).

    What I would do – if I were you – is have your email forwarded to your Gmail account, but leave a copy in your regular inbox (so your mail program can POP it down later). That way you can use Gmail to view it, but not exclusively.

    You have so much room in your Gmail account that this works fairly well. I did this for quite a while with my .Mac email (forwarded it to Gmail, then downloaded it to Mail.app at home) and it was a pretty good solution.

  3. I haven’t had any Firefox/Gmail issues yet.

  4. The contact list doesn’t have list ability yet, which I don’t like. It does list the auto complete in order of which has been most frequently or most recently, I’m not sure which, which is SOO much better than alphabetically.

    And I REALLY love entire conversations being stored together.

    Between gmail and firefox, the internet is a friendlier place. Have you used live bookmarks yet? Rockin McRockerson.

  5. neither have I. Maybe it’s your mac-o-doodle-doo.

  6. *bzzz*

    Thank you for playing.

    This happens on my Windows laptop. And NOT on my Mac. Ha!

  7. Lately FF has taken to tell me that it can’t open Gmail unless I allow cookies. So I allowed cookies from google.com and gmail.google.com only and it still gives me the same error.

  8. I haven’t quite gotten into Live Bookmarks yet. I know there’s that thing where you can type “dict ” and it will look up the word. But I never remember to do that.

    I guess since all the RSS stuff I read I have on my LJ friends list, I haven’t figured out a reason to use Live Bookmarks yet.

    Speaking of which – did you know you can get your Gmail unread messages in an Atom feed? I don’t know how that would be useful, but it’s still cool.

  9. The threading is fantastic. I agree.

    Except for LJ replies. Then it’s a pain.

  10. You don’t allow cookies?

    How’s that tinfoil hat? 🙂

  11. I *could* do that, but that would mean that all the mail I send from work would be from my Gmail account, and as I already have two email accounts (work and personal), and people can’t manage to get those straight as it is, I don’t want to confuse them further.

  12. And how would it be any different if you popped your personal mail to the Gmail inbox?

    You’d still be sending it from Gmail 🙂

  13. my lj’s still go to yahoo mail.

    And I’m always confused with your icon whether I’m talking to swifty or mugsy.


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