Weird dream

I am jotting this down before I forget…I wish I could remember all the details.

I was at some kind of dance event – it felt like it was in NYC, and that it was also a loungy event. There was a small dance floor, with a “bar” kind of thing all around (imagine a small roller rink kind of feel). At one point, Amy W gestured for me to dance with her, but by the time I got up and headed her way, she was asking someone else to dance. Then Amanda asked me to dance, which we did (poorly, and I’m sorry to say that you were wearing flip flops, Amanda…weird). After the dance, Amanda complained of being hot, and took off her sweater (it was on over a dress – this was not a Topless Amandapance dream). Somehow a bunch of us ended up sitting on some stairs, drinking our cocktails. I didn’t recognize any of the other people we were with, but one had the name Epanema (Amanda said, as we approached the stairs “Poor Epanema”). Amanda knocked over her drink, the glass broke, and that was the last we saw of Amanda. Suddenly I was in a car driving along with this Epanema girl (who was kind of pudgy and unattractive) – I was sitting shotgun, she was in the middle, and some guy who I never quite recognized (although I’m 99% sure it was Monsignore) was driving. He was very drunk. Then, for a split second, the car was a convertible, and sitting next to me on the other side was a fat, nasty guy (imagine Curtis Armstrong mixed with Ron Jeremy) who was also really flatulent.

The car kept driving, and then we drove into a park. Someone was worried about the cops, and we saw a few firemen running accross the grass with axes. We got out of the car and started walking down the hill – suddenly a ferret came bolting accross, and bit me on the leg. Then I woke up.

Interestingly enough, this dream occured during a catnap that was no longer than 15 minutes. Crazy stuff.

~ by Matt Stratton on December 31, 2004.

2 Responses to “Weird dream”

  1. Damn, what did you eat for lunch?

  2. That is the best dream EVER.

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