This is x-posted from ‘s journal. Buy his cd, because his music is dope with a capital “phat”.

A few of you are probably aware that I play with music as a hobby. Well, I have been playing around long enough to put out a full length CD ($12.99, shipping included).

Brian Miller did the CD artwork, even drawing up a cool ambigram (ala Angels & Demons style) for the CD Label.

The first one was written and produced in 1999… the last one was written in 2002. My newer songs are available for free until I have enough to put together a second album!

I know many of you (my friends) already have burned CDs and copies of my MP3s. For what it is worth, all these songs have been remastered by me to hopefully sound “better” and “higher quality”… or at least that is what I was going for… pulling a George Lucas in some cases. 🙂


~ by Matt Stratton on January 31, 2005.

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