It’s Saturday morning, and I’m awake because I have to do some goddamn work.

Oh well.

Thursday night was an adventure. My original flight was supposed to leave O’Hare at 5 PM, and arrive at LGA at 8. graciously offered to pick me up at the airport, but we were worried that the 8 PM arrival would make us late for our dinner plans. So, since I worked late on Wednesday night, I asked my boss if I could take off a little early on Thursday afternoon. He agreed, so I decided to jump on the 3 PM flight that landed at 6.

I arrived at O’Hare at 2 PM, to discover that almost everything was at least 1 1/2 hours delayed to NYC. I checked in and requested standby for the 1:30 PM flight (which was delayed until 3:30). Got a seat, but we didn’t get into the air until 4:15.

After circling LaGuardia for half an hour, we finally touched down around 7:30 PM. Larry picked me up, and we met up with for an awesomely delicious dinner. Headed into the city for Frim Fram, where I experienced my own personal Cook effect. Danced with Amy W, traded insults with Frankyboy, and had Nicole throw cheezits at me. Oh, and I met .

After Fram, Larry, Roberta, and I went to the Slipper Room for Tommy White Tie’s birthday celebration. Of course, I arrive to discover that Tommy left about 15 minutes before our arrival (it’s a running joke that Tommy and I have NEVER met each other, and keep missing each other like this). Had a martini with Reggie and , and then headed back to Brooklyn to crash out at ‘s house.

Friday was less eventful.I worked remotely all day, stopping to join Dana for lunch. After work, had a slice of wonderful pizza with Dana (I generally don’t like pizza, but this was good stuff), and had a couple beers with her and Amy. We then headed down to the East Village to meet up with Ryan, ,, xtine, Sonia, and . was supposed to join us as well, but I heard a rumor that Lindsay Lohan needed a pickle jar opened, so he had to work.

The group disbanded around midnight. Amanda and I came home and started watching Donnie Darko, but were so tired we put the rest off until today. And now I’m logged into the work network doing some updates.

Today: Amy W’s brunch and birthday fiesta
Tonight: 80’s Prom Party
Tomorrow: Bowling and then Oscars!


~ by Matt Stratton on February 26, 2005.

2 Responses to “NYC”

  1. and i aint no sucka!

  2. Yeah, I’m lame. Was going to go fashionably late but took too long. Good thing I stayed home since you guys left at midnight.

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