prom-tastic and other such

Yesterday I met up with a bunch of folks for brunch for Amy W‘s birthday. It was kind of funny; with the exception of Amy’s friend Stephen (who we all met for the first time there), I was the only boy. To add amusement to injury, while we were waiting for a table, a group of guys including Josh, Matt P, and Chiv all walked by on their way for a day of shopping.

But the funniest part was…Tommy was with them. To give you the backstory, Tommy and I have never met. The joke is that the universe would explode if we did…or that we are the same person – since we always “keep missing each other” like Clark Kent and Superman. But anyway, it was a real pleasure to finally meet the man.

Brunch was fun – however, I still haven’t had a good piece of bacon in this city. But the girls promised to help me find proper bacon one day.

After brunch, and Nicole and I went to see Sideways. I really enjoyed it, although I think I understand why Chris didn’t. I do think it’s getting a little over-hyped; it was a great film, but to some people, it seems like it’s the Second Coming of Cinema. It’s not. It is a little heavy handed with some metaphors, and sometimes the cinematography is a little too manipulative for my tastes. But the performances are GREAT, and most of the photography is fantastic.

After the movie, and I hustled home, and then headed up to WaNoHoMoFloJo for and ‘s 80’s Prom Party.

It was great. I was all Ducky-ed up (ala Pretty In Pink), and everyone else looked fantastic too. Great music, fun drinks…and some drunk shenanagins. Although not by me. I was shenanagan free.


~ by Matt Stratton on February 27, 2005.

5 Responses to “prom-tastic and other such”

  1. Tom’s quite the charmer. I must see the photos you took!

  2. I take full responsibility for mild shenanigans, though apparently I amused those of us in the car. I never did find my cigarettes.

  3. …but then you left them on my dresser, drunkie.

  4. Pictures! I want to see pictures! 🙂 Glad you had an awesome weekend.

  5. SO happy you could make it! and you handled the harem quite well. i did invite fellas, you know, but they just… couldn’t handle it. yeah. it’s not that they rejected me, no way. 😉

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