Yehoodi hacked again

Just talked to Frankyboy.

Yehoodi will (hopefully) be back by Monday.

They got hit by that hacker again, and until they can secure themselves, they are staying offline.


~ by Matt Stratton on April 28, 2005.

10 Responses to “Yehoodi hacked again”

  1. Damn! Someone is dedicated on screwing with them.

    I bet it’s someone thinks we’re all a bunch of swing snobs!

  2. Damnit! Some 12 year old is preventing me from interacting with the other 12 year olds!

  3. Everyone keeps thinking it’s a swing dancer or someone attacking “yehoodi”.

    I guarantee that whoever keeps doing this has no idea what “yehoodi” is. It’s some jackass kid who found a weakly defended web server to play with.

    Remember – the website is not getting hacked, the SERVER is.

  4. Precisely.

    Now go explain that to everyone else 🙂

  5. I got an email from Frank today saying much the same thing. I wondered (to myself) why they didn’t plug all the security holes the last time they went down.

    There is a special place in hell for hackers. And satan will get pedicures by script kiddies. Fuckers!

  6. Well, from what I understand (NOT TO BE QUOTED OR REPEATED, PLEASE) they tried to plug ’em, but I guess their attempt to quarantine the loser asshole did not work.

  7. Also, we gotta stop calling this script kiddie asshole a “hacker”.

    He is not a “hacker”. He’s a jerkwad.

  8. WTF? Who wants to hack lindy hoppers? That’s just so… wrong.

  9. Like I explained to Nando up top…it’s unlikely that the culprit in this case even has the slightest idea what “Yehoodi” is.

    It’s most likely some jackass kid who found an exploitable server to go fuck around with.

  10. I didn’t read the comments before I posted… that’s what I get!

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