New York, New York…

I will be in NYC May 13-16. I screwed around too long getting my ticket, so I can’t come in on Thursday without paying through the ass.

I would very much like to go see a UCB show this time, if for no other reason than to get  to lay off. Ha! I’m kidding.

Also, I got clearance from work to be “remote” June 20-24. That is the week between the Cubs/Yanks games and the Mermaid parade. So assuming I can find crash space with broadband for that week, I can now go to Mermaid as well. I am going to ask and see if I can possibly work out of the Metrotech location in Brooklyn though. We shall see.


~ by Matt Stratton on April 29, 2005.

9 Responses to “New York, New York…”

  1. dude! we’re planning an outing to a mets – st. louis game on sunday the 15th! you must join us!

  2. Hook it up. Consider me “in”. Just lemme know how much and who I owe.

  3. sweet! so far it’s me, sonia, shorty dave, gary deduke and nando, if he doesn’t have to work.

    yay! baseball with mugsy!

  4. For the week you are here, try to block of some time on Wednesday night to go to the UCB. It’s their “Hump Night” improvathon….or possibly stand up. Actually it might be both…anyway, Wednesday @ UCB is good.

    And a trip the May weekend would result in many laughs, too.

  5. damn you! I’m going to be in chicago that weekend.

  6. I *told* you I was gonna be gone that weekend…;)

  7. Gah! I wanna go!

  8. I know, but T has to check out that school sometime… the date(s) were never up to me, this is really “her” trip. As long as I can go to H&M, walk around and take pictures, dance, and eat at yummy places I’m a happy camper. Where’s that list of places to eat? Can you give me your top ten favorites? (and vary on the price range, I’m not sure of Tina’s budget)

    Also, can you recommend a cheap place to stay in the city with easy access to public transportation? (fo’ two)

  9. I’ll send the list later today.

    What exact dates are you gonna be here?

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