TPS Reports

This is my job today:

Peter Gibbons: I have eight different bosses right now.
Bob Porter: Eight?
Peter Gibbons: Eight, Bob. So that means when I make a mistake, I have eight different people coming by to tell me about it.

I have had no less than four different people ream me out in email today because I missed 8 hours in my time tracking last month. The problem is that I am working on two different teams right now – I got moved to a new one, but I’m still doing work for the old team. Both teams are under the same high level manager. So when I missed those 8 hours, here’s what happened:

1) I get an email from the time tracking people saying “Hey, you missed putting in time for April 1. I adjusted it for you, so you are now in compliance. Please don’t forget this next month.”
2) An email is sent out to our whole group listing the people who missed time last month – sent by the high-level manager
3) I get an IM from my new manager saying “Hey, can you please fix time tracking? The report shows you missing 8 hours.”
4) I get an email from my old team lead, which is just the high-level email forwarded on, with the note “Please make sure you don’t miss compliance with time tracking anymore.”


~ by Matt Stratton on May 2, 2005.

5 Responses to “TPS Reports”


    if only you had a cubicle.

  2. Oh, but I do.

    This is my “office” at work:

  3. Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays!

  4. you even have the DAY BY DAY calendar!!!!!! hahahahahahhah

  5. Yeah. That’s my Cubs day calendar that mom got me last year.

    It’s been replaced with the poker one this year 🙂

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