The thoroughly confused arcecat

Just got this PM from our dear friend Arcecat (non-dancers, feel free to ignore)

I know you weren’t at DLX but you do seem to know people who were there….I”m just so confused….you know how they were having a wedding for Wombat and Snoopykiss….I thought that was a mock gay wedding but then they went all out for I’m just so confused…if they aren’t gay then really it was rather rude to do that cause that would seem to make a mockery of gay weddings then at the same time if they are gay and this was a real gay wedding then I should congratulate them…but I think they are straight ..but I’m just so confused….


~ by Matt Stratton on June 7, 2005.

7 Responses to “The thoroughly confused arcecat”

  1. It’s the limoncello I gave her to try. It has warped her fragile little mind.

  2. She was very excited you shared it with her. According to her culture, you are now married. Congrats!

  3. She wrote a PM to me as well:

    I was thinking it was a mock gay wedding for the two of them…now I’m all confused since there was a wedding cake and all….now I’m so confused….are those two straight….are they gay…was this a real gay wedding or was it a joke…I’m just so confused…

  4. Wow, she should go back to talking to that funeral dude.

  5. Yeah, the *cake* is what makes it a real wedding.

  6. That’s why gays can’t *really* get married.

    Too many carbs.

  7. Haha. God I hope there are pictures.

    Was her confusion shared with Wombat and Tommy?

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