Daily arcecat

Arcecat: ugh…I guess it’s just how my brain works…I have a hard time with words…I’m one of those picture people…I see things in pictures
Mugsy: well, then maybe written communication is not for you

~ by Matt Stratton on June 29, 2005.

4 Responses to “Daily arcecat”

  1. I wonder how you have the patience at all to continue to communicate with her. It’s amazing.

  2. If by “amazing” you mean “utterly hilarious,” I completely agree.

  3. uf. i stopped talking to her a while ago….couldn’t deal with the obtuseness. you’re a stronger man than I, Mugsy Malone.

  4. I’m all about paying it forward. I have good patience in IM, because the other person can’t hear me cursing them out.

    Plus, it results in some hilarious IM’s.

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