Local boy makes good

Jody Gerut (who went to my high school, and his father taught physics there) just got traded to the Cubs for Jason Dubois.

“I’m shocked,” Gerut said. “I grew up a White Sox fan but I’m going to have to get over that. It’s great. It’s an unbelievable franchise with a great ballpark.”


~ by Matt Stratton on July 19, 2005.

3 Responses to “Local boy makes good”

  1. This is a funny statement if you don’t know baseball…or sports

    This is a pure baseball trade in the sense that we are trading a player we like in Jody Gerut for a player that we feel has a lot of offensive potential and compliments our club well, both now and in the future,” Indians general manager Mark Shapiro said.

  2. OH MY GOD !!!!!

    I always knew he would be on a team when we all got older… I have never bothered to check though… I think it is really cool that he will be playing for the Cubbies — and you might have gone to school with him… but i actually KNEW him (just teasing you)

    WOW – I just can’t believe it !

  3. and on this link he still has his old team’s hat on…


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