Nobody cares, but here’s some stuff about lindy-

Some old IM’s from about three years ago on the subject of the “lindy” prefix:

Mugsy: it’s TRAPPER that really hates the lindy- prefix, right?
Mugsy: you just hate it when it’s attached to luv
Dallas: I hate it in general.
Mugsy: but…but…
Mugsy: your IM name…
Mugsy: is LINDYdallas
Dallas: haha
Dallas: Yeah… that was back before lindy- went pop.
Dallas: When it _meant_ something.
Dallas: Either that, or I’m simply filled with empty irony.


Belcanto: i think the lindy prefix is funny
Belcanto: like how ridiculous it’s gotten
Belcanto: like, i’m gonna go eat a lindysammich, then put on my lindypance, then go to a lindyrave!
Mugsy: why would you put a sandwich in your pants?


~ by Matt Stratton on August 18, 2005.

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