So I had a dream on Thursday night night that Brian posted a blog update from their honeymoon. It included a video of Tracy on a motorcycle, which was playing while I was reading the blog – the motorcycle was a “demo” one that was stationary, and Tracy was just going side to side on it.

Brian’s blog said something like this:

Today is the first day where the high is under 100 degrees. But it’s not raining. Tracy seems to be the only one here at the resort who likes the rain. My baby really likes riding those motorbikes, probably because of the twisting that is the current style. Myself, I am more of the old school and have been working on my “dark road” turns, which make my a back grinds a lot more satisfying, they crunch more.

And then, the video ends with Tracy falling off the stationary bike.

It was the most hilarious dream I’ve had in quite a while.

~ by Matt Stratton on August 29, 2005.

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