Begun, the iPod war has…

I got this idea from . It sounds like fun. Or, at least, it sounds like a way to be elitist and snobby, and we love that!

Here’s how this will work: you hit shuffle on your iPod, write down the first 10 songs you come up with, and submit them here as a comment (screened).The lists will be posted as a poll tomorrow AM, and then we unleash the dogs of war.

came up with a very complicated and mathematic method of scoring, but it is a lot more numbers than I can handle, so we’ll just do it by a tricky method of “good” vs. “crap”, or “awesome” vs. “less awesome”.

Off we go!

~ by Matt Stratton on August 31, 2005.

6 Responses to “Begun, the iPod war has…”

  1. Hell yes! We need more of these.

    Miles Davis, “It Never Entered My Mind”
    Sam Prekop, “Showrooms”
    The Dead Milkmen, “Dean’s Dream”
    Heroic Doses, “Ollie Oxen Free”
    Bjork, “Bachelorette”
    The Police, “So Lonely”
    Jackson 5, “I am Love, Pts. 1 & 2”
    The Secret Machines, “Cannon”
    Peter Gabriel, “Mercy Street”
    Stereolab, “Retrograde Mirror Form”

  2. Bigger Than My Body – John Mayer
    Doggin’ Around – Count Basie
    I Said No – Treniers
    The Gal From Joe’s – Duke Ellington
    Decara A La Pased – Lhasa
    For Dancers Only – Jimmy Lunceford
    Don Juan – Donato Racciati
    Sonata In D Major for Two Pianos – Mozart (Performed by Argerich/Rabinovitch)
    Finally Woken – Jem
    Hot Rod – Illinois Jacquet

  3. Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter – Nina Simone
    Closing Time – Matchbox 20
    I Will Hide – The Psalm Project
    Angel – Sara McLachlan
    To Love Somebody – Nina Simone
    Black Boys On Mopeds – Sinad O’Connor
    Never Make Your Move Too Soon – Chuck Brown
    Only Heart – John Mayer
    Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea – Diana Krall
    And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine – Lavay Smith

  4. This is late but:

    1. Airport Man – REM
    2. It’s Just That Kind of Day – The New Main Street Singers
    3. Need You Tonight – INXS
    4. Cheating on You – Franz Ferdinand
    5. New Year’s Day – U2
    6. Time of No Reply – Nick Drake
    7. How Soon – Martha Wainwright
    8. Tea in the Sahara – The Police
    9. Luke at That Speed… – PErFect ThYroID
    10. If Love is a Red Dress – Maria McKee

  5. Too late! We’ll get you in on the next war…

  6. S’ok. I forgot I had all of my jazz turned off anyway so it’s not an honest fight.

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