So basically, learned nothing at the re-org conference call. As FJ said “I actually feel dumber having participated in that call.”

I love Cake. I also love cake.

Camping this past weekend was awesome. Hopefully there’ll be some pictures up soon. Special thanks to for turning it into “sexual innuendo camping”. Because he’s got a poker and knows how to get wood.

Two weeks until Y7A. I’m teaching a rocking improv class there too. So if you’re around you you should totally sign up for it. And by “around” I mean “in New York on Oct 1”.

I had some more to say but I forgot what it was. it probably was about Trapper though, because, well, we should all be talking about Trapper.

I hope Brian posts in his blog today. That would make it a better Monday. Not a Happy Monday, but a better Monday.


~ by Matt Stratton on September 19, 2005.

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