The Dictiontracy

So my friend and I used to come up with all sorts of new words. But I can’t remember most of them. So this is more for her, but any of you who remember them, post comments.

For example:

insteal – to install pirated software
ridiculate – to repeat a joke over and over again until someone finally laughs

What else?

~ by Matt Stratton on September 21, 2005.

3 Responses to “The Dictiontracy”

  1. mine from this week. enhappify (v): to make happy. ie “marcelo hosting teh partay enhappifies me to a state of unended bliss.”

  2. Insteal is my new word of the day. One that has been passed around my family and friends is “Voluntold” as in someone suggesting for you to “try something” when that same person has told someone else you would already do it. We also use a kind of 133t speak for downloading music, 3.14-rate, as in Pi-rate. OK, that is enough blather out of me.

  3. What was the one I used the other day? Hellp? Which meant, what the hell did I do to my PC this time, get over here and help me.

    Then there are those two not so clean words/terms I came up with. Gavina being one of them.

    Don’t you have these on an old IM somewhere? I seem to recall we listed them along with our versions of the Seven Dwarves: (Skanky, Sleezy, Slutty, etc)

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