Back on the trolley

Jaymie just called me. We’re going to dinner and IO tomorrow night.

I think she wanted to get together tonight (she told me she wasn’t going in to work) but I have a card game to go to. Too bad 🙂

~ by Matt Stratton on September 24, 2005.

4 Responses to “Back on the trolley”

  1. IO – Improv Olympics?

    What if “Jaymie” is actually “Dawne?”


  2. I don’t think she is Dawne because

    1) She’s about 7 years older than Dawne
    2) I don’t think Jaymie has webbernet access at home

    However, I think if I dared to diss the Rolling Stones, she might react the same way as Dawne.

    And yeah, IO is Improv Olympic. But they had to change their name because the US Olympic Committee are a bunch of fuckasses.

  3. My High School has to change its mascot (The Olympian) to The Olys because of the olympic committee.

  4. Really?? How can they trademark that? It’s such an old word – that’s not cool. So what, does everything with the word Olympic in it have to have the approval of the Olympic Committee? How can they get away with that?

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