Y7A update (so far)

and I got into Manhattan around 1 or so yesterday (after meeting up with at a rest stop and depositing her husband with her). I needed a new AC adapter for my handycam for Saturday’s “red carpet” carwreck, so we stopped at B&H Photo so I could get one. Stupidly I didn’t bring the camera in with me, so I couldn’t figure out which adapter to get. I decided instead to just get a new, cheap camera to use on Saturday.

After leaving, I look at the camera, and realize it doesn’t have a mic input. Therefore, useless to me. I’m a bit of a moron. Luckily, when I met up with Emmysue at George’s apartment, I discovered that he has a camera that he will let us borrow tonight. w00t. I am going to attempt to return my purchase on Sunday (B&H is closed today for the Sabbath).

Emmysue, George, and I traveled up to my hotel, where I checked in. Got some Starbucks, and then George and I bought some suits at Prato. I got a nice black suit, shirt, and tailoring for $240, and it’ll be ready this afternoon for the event tonight. Awesome.

Met up with , , , Partytom, Cindy, , Nicole, and some other kids at Republic in Union Squre for dinner. It was pretty good (I realized after entering that I’d eaten there with and a few years ago before a UCB show). Cindy showed off her new blinged-out belt buckle (some of the messages programmed included “My Other Pussy Is A BMW” and “It Ain’t Gonna Lick Itself”) and after some Starbucks reinforcements, it was off to Flatiron Lounge for a pre-dance drink with and other pretty ladies.

The dance was fun…and long. had made about 200 jello shots, of which I consumed more than my fair share (but hey, the money was for a good cause…I assume). Partytom made a lot of new friends, and even 8-months-pregnant raged the party until 1:30 am. Headed back to the hotel around 3:30. I also danced twice (once with and then I attempted to dance with . Hopefully she’ll give me another shot tonight.)

Today I am heading back down to Dance Manhattan in a few hours to teach my improv workshop, and then the lights and glitz of Y7A. Whoohoo!


~ by Matt Stratton on October 1, 2005.

4 Responses to “Y7A update (so far)”

  1. I dub you my official teh partay representatvie. If I win any awards you are to accept them on my behalf, thanking Dawne for everything.

  2. oh my god, why don’t i own that belt?????? *searches for credit card*

  3. yes, that is most definitely a you-belt. i doubt you would have displayed such colorful messages, but i still think you’d LOVE it!


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