Y7A mini-recapp

Just returned to my hotel from the Y7A party.

Man, this was a long day. Quick recap now, maybe more later (yeah, right).

  • Improv workshop this afternoon was fun. Everyone had a good time, which was my main goal.
  • “Yehoodi Tonight” (the “red carpet” thing that Nicole and I did for the main dance) was fun. I have about 1:20 to edit down to five minutes or so of sound bites, so I have some good confidence that it’ll be pretty good. Plus, I have Cindy on tape saying “Mugsy is damn sexy” (which was followed by Nicole’s comment “you heard it here first!”)
  • Nicole informed me that we couldn’t make out because it would ruin everything, like when they slept together on Moonlighting.
  • I got many compliments on my new suit. I felt sharp. Plus, a girl told me that I was “handsome” and that “not many men can match their shirt to their eyes”. Of course, I have brownish-hazel eyes, and was wearing a cobalt shirt, so take that as you will.
  • It’s been totally fun hanging out with Emmysue.

~ by Matt Stratton on October 2, 2005.

One Response to “Y7A mini-recapp”

  1. not many men can match their shirt to their eyes”.

    She meant you then! 😉 KIDDING

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