Some updates…

Friday – went to the Hilton with Fat Johnny and Connors to pick up various World Series tickets from Heather. Went to the World Series gala with Heather, , , Jamie, , and Rak. Great food and open bar.

Saturday morning I woke early, packed, and then headed to Midway. My flight to Burbank was at 10:50, but was flying in earlier, so the plan was to meet around 9 am for breakfast.

Of course, I arrived at the airport around 8:30 to discover that my flight was delayed until 12:15. Nice.

Had a tasty breakfast of Potbelly’s with Swifty, and then (eventually) flew into Burbank, Johnny. and picked me up at the airport. We stopped by Fry’s, where a chocolate fountain was purchased, and Marcelo even deigned to visit In-N-Out for me. Last-minute partay prep, and then it was Fidelio time.

I dressed as Dr. Strangelove, Marcelo as Humbert Humbert, and Audra was Leelee Sobieski’s character from Eyes Wide Shut. It was a pleasant soiree, mellow and lightly attended, but fantastic costumes.

Sunday featured hot cookout action and the return of from his South Side pilgrimage. Marcelo and I watched some movies and some Curb.

For those of you keeping score at home, I will be in Burbank until Wednesday, then I’ll be jetting over to Denver. I’ll be hanging out with and the other Denver folks until Nov 1, when I’ll fly out to Minneapolis, returning to Chicago on Nov 5. Fun!

~ by Matt Stratton on October 24, 2005.

3 Responses to “Some updates…”

  1. Are there plans for hangout-type thingies? I’m going to be bouncing between Boulder and the mountains all week, but I want to hang out.

  2. Dude! How do you get to travel _all the time_?!?
    Have you no job?!/

  3. Four weeks of paid vacation, 6 personal days, ability to work remotely, and every bank holiday off.


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