Denver fun

I’m not sure why I’m up right now, other than the fact that the sun came up, so it’s hard to sleep.

Last night was a lot of fun. Went to the annual Halloween dance here in Denver with , Kelli, and Greg. Didn’t have a wheelchair for my Dr. Strangelove costume, but decided that I would be even more obscure, and told some people that I was dressed as “Mr. Igoe” from Innerspace. Nobody really got that.

After the dance was over, we went clubbing. The first place we went to, Tracks, was supposed to be a gay club, but apparently last night it was a hip hop club. Someone got our money back, and we went to a place called Everest, which was DEFINTELY a gay club. Did some good dancing (I was VERY out of place in my costume; I figured if anyone asked, I would tell them I was dressed as a Republican) and eventually Kelly, Greg, Kathy, and I retired back to Kathy’s house, where we stayed up until 4:30 AM listening to Z-Trip and reading Tarot cards. Fun times.

~ by Matt Stratton on October 29, 2005.

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