I’ve got some kind of stomach/GI thing going on.

It started this morning – I just felt awful, but I was supposed to go out to the burbs with Carrie to have pizza with her family. And I would have felt terrible if I blew that off. So I went.

Like I told her…I probably would have felt just as bad if I stayed home – it’s not like it would have been any better.

Now I can’t sleep – I can’t lay down for more than ten minutes at a time without feeling awful. Luckily, I just tested the VPN on my laptop, and it works, so I’ll be able to work from home tomorrow.

I’m hoping I feel better. I’m supposed to go see The Producers with , and then later go hear Lippy spin Xmas tunes at Fizz.


~ by Matt Stratton on December 19, 2005.

One Response to “Yuck”

  1. I think I caught it.

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