Something I just figured out about gmail…

Apparently, with gmail, putting a period (dot) in the username is meaningless.

For example, my username is “matt.stratton”. However, mail addressed to “mattstratton” gets to me as well.

This is helpful to know. Because amongst almost all of my friends, the convention of “” has been adopted. But some use the dot, and others don’t.

This means I don’t have to remember who does what.



~ by Matt Stratton on December 30, 2005.

One Response to “Something I just figured out about gmail…”

  1. (crossposted to Yehsnooty)
    Another useful GMail tool is using the plus sign to help you filter, label and sort incoming email.

    I use my GMail for personal email, of course, but I also use it as a sort of personal filing system. I constantly send myself ideas for stuff to make or sew (being able to paste images into GMail messages is great!), important information I need to remember, like usernames and passwords, things I want to follow up on or remember to read later, etc. Plus sign addresses really help me out with this.

    You can have email sent to and it will automatically be delivered to, ignoring the +whatever after the first part of the address. What makes this useful is GMail’s filter feature. You can set up a filter to have all incoming email sent to labeled, archived, starred, or whatever you want. Let me explain with an example.

    As many of you know, I recently got engaged and we have started planning the wedding. If I find an idea for handmade invitations, a wedding dress I like, or have an idea for the reception, I send myself an email at jessicanorthrop + wedding @ I have a filter set up for any email coming to the +wedding address that automatically slaps a label called “wedding” on the message and archives it (so it is no longer in my Inbox, but rather in “All Mail”). That way, when I want to look at anything I’ve sent myself about wedding plans, all I have to do is click the label link for “wedding” and I can see all the messages with that label on them.

    To make it even easier on myself, I’ve set up Contacts for the plus sign addresses I use the most. I’ve also signed up for things like mailing lists/discussion groups with a particular plus sign address so that the delivered messages don’t clog up my inbox (I set them to archive upon arrival and auto-label with something specific), and I can go look at them whenever I like. You can do this using filters WITHOUT the plus sign address, but I find that doesn’t work 100% of the time.

    Let me know if this is confusing and I can try to explain a little more.

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