Updates…like the something something of my something…

I’ve been getting complaints that I’m not updating this blog in an interesting fashion. This update will be similarly un-interesting. But here’s what’s been going on over the past few days:

On Friday, I worked out of Carrie’s house and did laundry – I talked to my boss, who told me that we’ll be hearing about bonuses “soon”, and that he knew they had been cut back, but the bonuses for our team that they submitted were between 10K and 50K. So I expect to get a Starbucks card and a ham. Later, Carrie and I welcomed Zoe to Chicago with some frozen pizza. Then we sallied-forth to Improv Olympic to see Baby Wants Candy (my favorite team at IO) with Tracy, Brian, and their friend Mark. The show was somewhat disappointing – I mean, it was good, but it was certainly not on par with the usual BWC stuff I’m used to. Most of my favorite cast is gone – except the one guy I love, who reminds me of Adam Ferrara – he was great as usual (and had a brilliant connection line to close the show).

After the show, Carrie went home, but the rest of us hit a couple bars for some cocktails. We ended up at Tracy and Brian’s house, where we played poker until 3:30 AM. Mark ended up winning, although it got down to heads up between the two of us, and I made some stupid bets, ending up losing on Big Slick. Oh well. These things happen.

On Saturday, Zoe and I met her sister and Carrie at Orange for brunch. A delightful meal of frooshi (“fruit sushi) and other brunchy things. Later on, I finally got to visit the Lincoln Park location of Hemas Kitchen, which was just as good as the tiny and crowded version further north.

I bid adieu to Zoe, and met up with Carrie, Heather, and Chris at Merle’s up in E-town for some BBQ. The evening ended with a raucous game of “Taboo” and many beers at Heather’s house.

Sunday morning I walked Scout. I spent most of Sunday reading Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, and listening to his podcast. Oh, and I watched the new Family Guy.

The end.

~ by Matt Stratton on January 9, 2006.

3 Responses to “Updates…like the something something of my something…”

  1. Two of my best friends (who as of Friday are married) work for Dave Ramsey.

    Good stuff in those books.

  2. I was just about to point out the Dave Ramsey/Tim&Sarah connection. It’s a heavily Christian organization, with a lot of outreach in churches. Not saying the information isn’t completely sound, but just thought I’d let you know in case you care. I think he does help an awful lot of people.

  3. Yeah, that was pretty clear from reading the book. But he’s not really heavy-handed about it, and it certainly didn’t detract from the sound financial advice.

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