Debbie update

My little sister is currently spending the semester in Verona, Italy. She got there last week, and here’s the latest email from her:

Hey everyone!!! First I want to apologize for not being able
to write all of you back, or at least not extensively! But I
do really appreciate all of the replies and emails I have
been receiving. They all make me smile, and remind me of why
I miss all of you so much (awwww)!! Oh, and thanks for all
of the scccccandalous emials I’ve been receiving from
*cough* a few of you….dot dot dot

I know it’s obnoxiously expensive/impossible to call me, and
most of you aren’t up at 7:30 or 8AM when I am online…But,
my cell phone number is *************** and i beleive the country
code is 39 so you dial something like 039***********. I won’t
be hurt if you can’t, I understand.

The Olympic torch passed throw Verona last night…? Pretty
exciting stuff.

Anyways, all in all the whole Verona group is awesome. One
of the girls is going home tomorrow. I am really suprised
because she went to Sicily over the summer (with Joyce :)),
but it really is a HUGE change.

I definitely took a cribs tour in pictures of my apartment,
but this effing computer can’t handle anything. I’ll let you
all know when I finally figure it out. Thanks for all the

I love all of you!!!


~ by Matt Stratton on January 17, 2006.

3 Responses to “Debbie update”

  1. I drove behind the torch relay caravan a couple of years ago as I was driving home from Christmas at my parents’ house.

    Here, I’d been under the impression that there really was a continuous human relay going on, but it turns out that they get some special winners/nominees to run their little mini-relays through selected major cities, and then everything is boxed up into a bunch of SUVs and carted off to the next city. Though, they allegedly have a sort of… camping lantern that keeps “the flame” lit in transit. (All of this was told to me by one of the drivers when we all pulled in to the same gas station.)

  2. it’s actually 011 + 39 to dial over there

  3. Pretty, pretty town.

    If she has a chance (and feels like blowing her budget in a major way) tell her to have dinner at Il Desco. One of the best places to eat in Italy (IMHO).

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