[Secret Squirrel] The Plan Continues…

Remember! This is secret! No posting this ANYWHERE…

I’ll post more details later, and be looking for insight.

But it will happen on Saturday, March 4th.

I am flying Carrie to NYC. She has never been there before. She does NOT know we are going.

And that is where I will give her this:

Here’s the breakdown of the plan, so far (all times are Eastern, naturally):

Saturday, March 4

1 PM – Carrie and Matt arrive at LGA on United. Heather T-B (Carrie’s best friend) and Chris R. arrive at LGA on American Airlines.

1:30 PM – Carrie and Matt check into their hotel.

2:00 PM – Carrie and Matt go someplace. Eli is there disguised as a tourist.

2:05 PM – Matt proposes to Carrie. Eli surreptitiously photographs the entire thing without Carrie noticing.

5 PM – Matt and Carrie go to meet “some friends” for dinner. Surprise, surprise, those friends turn out to be Heather T-B and Chris (and whoever else).

Later evening – Everyone meets up somewhere for drinks to celebrate Carrie and Heather Flock’s birthdays.

Sunday, March 5

Brunch-thirty: New York brunch action with whomever

2 PM – Carrie, Matt, Chris, and Heather T-B (and whoever else is interested) go to see Avenue Q.

8 PM – Heather T-B and Chris fly home

Monday, March 6

1:55 PM – Carrie and Matt fly home.

Here is what I need help/advice/input on:

1. Hotel recommendation for Carrie and Matt
2. Location recommendation for actual proposal (including bad weather backup)
3. Someplace for Chris and Heather T-B to stay on Saturday night

Some proposed proposal locations:

* Empire State Building (possible issues due to lines, etc)
* Central Park
* Some random little park in Midtown

What do you guys think?


~ by Matt Stratton on January 25, 2006.

26 Responses to “[Secret Squirrel] The Plan Continues…”

  1. holy CRAP, this is so exciting!!!!

  2. No Kidding!!! I feel like I’m gonna pee my pants!!! Please post as things progress!!!

  3. If you choose the top of the Empire State Building, be prepared for a lot of attention and applause and stuff, especially if you do the one knee thing.

    How giddifying!

  4. Teh Partay has been ruled out?!

    Count me as a minority vote.

  5. Yeah, it was a hard time deciding between doing it on her birthday in a city she’s always wanted to visit, vs. waiting a month to do it at a house party with people she doesn’t know 🙂

    I will happily re-enact it with Tig at Teh Partay though.

  6. I figured as much. I still secretly like that idea best.

    My friend Amy pointed out that with the ESB, there’s a lot of waiting in line, and I’ll probably be so twitchy with anticipation that if I have to queue up and wait, I’ll end up punching someone in the face.

  7. Damn dude, who are you going to pass the torch of bachelordom to once you end the era of Mugsy?

    congrats 😉

  8. HOLY CRAP!!
    Congrats Matt!!!!!

  9. Thanks!

    It’s gonna be SO hard to wait until March to do this.

  10. I KNEW it!!!!

    And, YAY!

  11. I am drinking a Mexican Christmas in celebration.

  12. Well, I’ll be doing the proposing in the afternoon, so the lights probably won’t be a factor 🙂

    I’m still leaning towards the ESB though. I thought about a carriage ride in Central Park (there’s an “inside joke” between the two of us about that), but I wouldn’t be able to have my sneaky paparazzi then.

  13. I’m so happy for you! And how could a gal say no to you when you’re giving her sparklies like that?!

  14. Not to be a nay-sayer (ME == COCK-ASS) but are you sure she’ll accept? I guess I’m a cynical romantic at heart. The more complicated a plan is, the more likely something will go wrong…but I wish you the best, man.

    Since you are a indie movie guy (at least, I think of you that way) you should propose to her on the steps of the Angelika. 🙂

  15. BTW, I once read a review of the restaurant Chanterelle which said that there is enough space between the tables so that waiters can easily get by people who are down on one knee proposing marriage.

    I’ve eaten there, the food is really good and the ambience is nice. It’s a spendy suggestion though.

  16. Is the 2:00 flexible or not? If it is then go with the ESB. It may take a bit to get up there, but it’d be so worth it. The lobby is also really pretty if it’s raining. Another rain location could be a museum, though the haveing Eli act like a tourist may be harder to pull off. I really wish I still knew people at the ESB so I could get you up without having to wait.

  17. It is flexible in terms of what time during the day – I mean, in theory, I have whatver time between when we check into the hotel and five ish to do this. Amy Winn just thought that I’d want to punch someone in the face if I had to wait in line while I was already all twitchy 🙂

  18. Then you’d be like every other NYC tourist waiting in that line. 😛 I’m all for the ESB, but then again I’m bias.

  19. WOW! Congratulations… and I must say that it’s an impeccable plan. Good luck with it!

  20. I dunno. I much much much prefer the restaurant or the park to the ESB.

    Top of the ESB seems so….hackneyed? Trite? Sleepless in Seattle/Affair to Remember?

    Honestly it doesn’t matter in the end as long as she says yes and it’s all good and proper, but yeah. Just my opinion.

    And it’s not because you declined to do it at Teh Partay.

  21. BTW, I’ve never been there, but have always wanted to check it out. Have you given this one consideration?

  22. I’m holding you to that. That would be high-larious.

  23. i’m officially joining the peeing-my-pants brigade. you be calm, we’ll be all twitchy and excited for you.
    and the ring is lovely. you so deserve this happiness. 🙂

  24. Oh, I agree, that the top of the ESB is cheesy.

    But, in a way, that’s what I’m going for. She’s kind of a cheesy gal. Plus, for crying out loud, I’m flying her all the way to NYC to do this. Might as well cheese it up.

    I do like the park ideas though, weather-permitting.

  25. Oh, I like small and private as well. But once I decided to couple this with the surprise trip to NYC, it seemed like it just had to be all splash-tastic.

    She’s not a huge art museum fan. And again, on her first trip to NYC, I don’t think that within ten minutes of arriving in the city we’d go to MOMA or something. But she also knows that I don’t do the tourist stuff in NYC ever, and keep talking about how “one day” when I take her there, it will give me an excuse to go see the Statue of Liberty or go to the top of the ESB. 🙂

  26. I’ve heard great things about the Rainbow Room, but somehow it doesn’t seem right for the first thing we do on a Saturday afternoon in Manhattan.

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