[Secret Squirrel] Got the parental approval!

Carrie and I had dinner tonight with her parents as an early birthday celebration (they are going out of town and won’t be around near her birthday). When she was out walking the dog, I took the opportunity to tell her mom and dad what I had planned for her birthday weekend. They loved the idea of the NYC trip. I then said “Also, with your blessing, I would like to ask her to marry me that weekend.”

They are totally on board, and love the entire plan. And they promised to not tell anyone, especially Carrie’s sisters, so that a) the secret doesn’t get out, and b) Carrie can surprise everyone by telling them the story after it happens.

Things are going exceptionally well with the plan. I’m very happy.


~ by Matt Stratton on February 16, 2006.

4 Responses to “[Secret Squirrel] Got the parental approval!”

  1. That’s exciting. I think it’s great when guys as parental permission, even if they know the answer. My dude better ask my parents.

  2. Good to go, man!

  3. now exactly what would you have done if they had said “no way – your people killed our saviour!!”?

    i’m glad they didn’t. . .i’m really excited for your big weekend!

  4. I wasn’t worried about that. Her dad is Jewish (although he is Catholic now). And her mom is very excited that I am Jewish – apparently she brags about it to all her friends, that Carrie is dating a nice Jewish boy.

    People are weird.

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