I made it past the waiting room

So after about an hour and a half of sitting in the “virtual waiting room”, I was able to get in and buy some Cubs tickets.

I got four seats to the White Sox/Cubs game on Friday, June 30 @ 1:20 PM. They’re way the hell up in the upper deck, but oh well.

Opening Day was sold out, which kind of sucked. I’m back in the waiting room again (you can only buy one game at a time), so hopefully I’ll grab another set for another cool game.

Edit: A few minutes after posting this, I got in again. Couldn’t get seats to any Cardinals/Cubs or Astros/Cubs games, so I settled for a pair of seats for a Saturday game vs. Detroit. Good enough.

~ by Matt Stratton on February 24, 2006.

9 Responses to “I made it past the waiting room”

  1. Congrats!

    Didn’t know you’d be a Tiger Fan…is it just because it’s interleague play?

  2. I honestly don’t care about the game vs. Detroit. I actually hate interleague ball.

    But I wanted a Saturday game with decent seats, and that was the best I could come up with. Eh. The worst day watching baseball still beats the best day of working!

  3. OK….Sox vs. Cubs is technically interleague play…but does that get a pass because it’s inter-city play?

    I went to 2 Sox / Cubs games last year…THAT was awesome. Although, I did fear for my life a few times when at Wrigley with my Sox Jersey on.

  4. I actually hate interleague ball.

    Of course, both games I got tickets to today are vs. AL teams. Hmph.

    Well, I’ve never been to a Crosstown game. Although from what I hear, they are not a lot of fun to be at anymore – fans of both teams acting like shitheads.


  5. I would have much rathered going to a Sox/Cubs game before interleague…when there was one “Crosstown Classic” game a year, and it was an exhibition game. Probably was a lot more fun. But I still want to experience it. I’m hoping that the Friday afternoon game isn’t QUITE as obnoxious as the weekend games will be.

  6. you bastard, ive never even BEEN to wrigley.
    my life sucks.

  7. Maybe this year will be your year! Figure out a time to come to Chicago, doofus.

  8. I hate you.

    For the past 3 years, I’ve been in the virtual waiting room for over 5 hours and never got in. Gave up as soon as I had to leave work. You are a motherfucking son of a bitch you know that?

  9. Next time try loading the VWR into multiple tabs in Firefox. It’s not a first come, first served thing – it’s whoever is being refreshed at the exact right time. So if you have multiple windows/tabs going all about five seconds apart from each other, it really helps.

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