All moved in!

The Kitchen
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Moving day was a huge success!

The movers showed up at my house promptly at 8 AM. They had all of my stuff loaded in no time at all, and we were on our way to Carrie’s house by 8:45.

Carrie had a lot more stuff than I did, but the movers loaded it all (including bags of laundry and her guitar!) The whole process, including unloading at the new house, was completed just a little after noon. So easy and so worth the money.

(If any of you in the Chicago area are looking for movers, I can’t recommend these guys, Able Movers, enough. Their number is 773-290-2717. Seriously. Much easier than moving yourself, and not really that pricey!)

After doing some unpacking (and discovering that our gas was not turned on), Carrie and I celebrated by going to Red Lobster in Lincolnwood. Did you know that Red Lobster no longer has hush puppies? WTF, mate? That’s the whole REASON you go to Red Lobster! Well, they lost my future business due to that.

Yesterday was more unpacking. Plus, the gas got turned on, and the cable and webbernet was connected. We went to Target with Jessica and spent a bunch of money. And then and came over, bringing us spaghetti and meatballs for dinner! We hung out with them for a while (poor Carrie had to listen to the three of us geek out over Firefly), and then took Scout to the park to run for a while.

The end.

Some more pictures from our new apartment can be seen here.

~ by Matt Stratton on March 26, 2006.

4 Responses to “All moved in!”

  1. three words, babe:

    cheddar bay biscuits.

    awwww yeah.

    and i second the whole “hiring movers” thing… i never move myself anymore, it’s so worth the money to have other people do it!

  2. I’m glad to hear the moving went well!

    I’m sad about the hushpuppies, but now the reason to go to Red Lobster is the cheesy biscuits!!!

  3. Biscuits != hush puppies. Sorry.

  4. Biscuits != hush puppies. Sorry.

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