Some updates…

Some of you know, but about a week ago I started trying to be healthier. Based upon Tosh’s suggestion, I signed up with Calorie King and have been tracking my food intake and exercise.

So far, it’s going well. I didn’t actually weigh myself until Friday (when we bought a scale), and discovered that I weighed in on Friday about two pounds less than what I had thought I started at. Pretty good, I thought.

Then, I weighed myself without my clothes, and found that I was even lighter. Go figure.

Based upon my now accurate tracking, though, I have lost five pounds since Friday. I chalk it up to eating better, plus I bought a bike yesterday and have been enjoying riding it so far. Carrie and I rode to Tracy’s house yesterday, which was about five miles round trip (no big deal), and we took an hour-long ride this morning down to the lake, which (according to the gmaps thingerdoodle) was about 8 1/2 miles.


~ by Matt Stratton on May 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “Some updates…”

  1. yay for you! i’ve been trying too, but my big weakness is sweets (and starbucks, where i now work). are you going to mermaid this year? i feel like i haven’t seen you in eons. maybe because i haven’t! (either way i’ll see you in july!!!)

  2. Nope, no Mermaid this year. Carrie’s sister’s new baby is being baptized that weekend, and since Carrie and I are the godparents, we kinda need to go…

  3. Hooray for bikes!!


  4. Hooray for bikes!!


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