Went for another ride today by myself. Ten miles, approx (I need to get an odometer for my bike, since guesstimating with the gmaps pedometer isn’t working that well).

So in the past three days of bike ownership, I’ve ridden 23 miles. Granted, Trapper and Kevin rode further than that on Sunday morning, but that’s not the point. The point is, my bike is awesome and my fiancée is awesome for letting me buy it 🙂

~ by Matt Stratton on May 30, 2006.

6 Responses to “Biking”

  1. Dude baby steps. If you keep riding until next year’s bike the drive, you will seriously kick Kevin and I’s asses!

    I am glad you are loving the bike. Biking rules. I don’t get to do nearly enough anymore.

  2. awww look at that gratuitous use of the f-word. hehehe I know that I do it ALL the time when I’m talking about Shawn. Now Amanda’s going to start too…before you know it, we’re all going to be a bunch of old married folk.

  3. Actually, it’s quite rare for me to use the “f” word, but Carrie likes it, so I threw it in there.

  4. It’s funny, sometimes Shawn seems to have trouble with it. A lot of times he either says “My gi…fianceé” or “My wi…fiancée.”

  5. Yeah, “wife” is much easier to say. Although I discovered you can’t get away with it.

    Mugsy: Tom, your son is humping my wife’s leg.
    Tom: She’s not your wife yet!

    That was a real conversation that took place on Sunday afternoon

  6. I tend to refer to Shawn as my husband at times, too. Like when I had my car accident, my mom was all gung-ho wanting to come with me dad and get me, etc. etc. and I told her that no offense, but I didn’t want my mommy and daddy, I wanted my husband. I was tearful and upset and it just came out that way…much more natural than fiancé.

    Coincidentally, I think that might have been when it finally sunk in for her that I’m getting married.

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