Poor doofus…

Ellie, Katelyn, and Scout
Originally uploaded by Matt Stratton.

Scout had a rough time of the Fourth of July yesterday. He really, REALLY got scared by the fireworks; he was in the yard when the first big BOOM hit, and he made a beeline straight into the garage (Carrie thinks he was trying to run away). We chased him out of the garage, and he fled upstairs. A little while later, I went up to go to the bathroom, and the poor guy was cowering in the corner. Once I was upstairs, he wouldn’t leave my side at all – he even followed me into the bathroom (this is uncommon for him). When we went to bed, he refused to leave our bed and insisted upon sleeping next to us (again, not common behavior).

Fireworks are rough on doggies.

~ by Matt Stratton on July 5, 2006.

4 Responses to “Poor doofus…”

  1. Willow is the same way when it comes to fireworks. However we weren’t here for Canada Day on Saturday, and the girl who housesat and dogsat for us said Willow was completely normal during the fireworks…so maybe its something they outgrow? (Will’s 3 now)

  2. Our dog is terrified of fireworks… He’s also afraid of thunder. Poor little guy…

  3. Cola’s the same way. At the first poppop-pop she wanted to come into the house. We left loud music on in the apt. while we were on the roof so the booms wouldn’t be so startling. She was pretty mellow the rest of the evening.

  4. My kitties are not big fans of fireworks either. Coco really freaked out on Monday when the fireworks were going off at the golf course nearby. She cowered at my side on the bed and trembled the whole time.

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