Can I get a copy of this? I’d like to send it to the kids from the show “Full House”

Originally uploaded by Matt Stratton.

Incidentally, this picture was from our camping trip a while ago. I like it.

I’m so very tired today. For some reason, I really had a hard time falling asleep last night, so I was up until 2 AM watching The Aristocrats – which I really enjoyed. I think my favorite rendition was by Wendy Liebman (hers was the reversal where the routine is very hoity-toity, and then the name is quite vulgar). Carlin was fascinating as always, and who can’t get enough of Bob Saget telling a story that involves fecal matter as “spin art”?

I’m rarely a fan of Mario Cantone, but his rendition of the joke as told by Liza Minelli made me laugh and laugh.

Sarah Silverman stole the entire show, however.

~ by Matt Stratton on July 28, 2006.

5 Responses to “Can I get a copy of this? I’d like to send it to the kids from the show “Full House””

  1. ahh… that’s a great movie.

  2. I really enjoyed it!

  3. Yea that was interesting to see from a curiosity point of view for me, but I don’t think I enjoyed it near as much as you did. I did think bob saget was alarmingly funny with that and the card trick was clever.

  4. It was kind of interesting to me to think about WHY I was laughing, and what I enjoyed about it.

    For the first 10-20 minutes, I was almost … bored. I got a feel for how the film was constructed, and I found myself thinking “how are they going to go 90 minutes with this?” But the construct continued, with the different sections (pointing out the different themes, etc, and George Carlin’s deconstruction of the joke was great).

    I’m not really a fan of scatological humor, but about 45 minutes into it, I found myself laughing (literally) out loud at some really disgusting things. Which made me start to think about WHY the joke was funny from some people, but not funny when Joe from work tells it around the water cooler.

    The Gilbert Gottfried thing went on a little too long as was definitely not very interesting to me. Although he DID make me laugh – a lot – with the “they may have to clean this up for TV” thing. That being said, I generally don’t care for him anyway.

    I was just surprised that I found myself as captivated as I was, and that I found it as funny as I did. Crazy.

  5. The first Gilbert Gottfried version with him at the table is hysterical, my favorite rendition of the movie. The one at the roast didn’t seem to be such a big deal to me.

    I like the guy who was all “and after the tragic events of January 3rd…” and I liked the old guy who basically screamed the joke at you – he’s the one who used the Shetland Pony bit.

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